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‘Hungarian Tank’ Martin Adam says a final goodbye to Ulsan HD fans.

Ulsan announced the parting of ways with Martin Adam on Friday. “Hungarian striker Martin Adam, who joined Ulsan in July 2022 and showed his innate goal determination and unforgettable theater goals, is leaving Ulsan HD,” Ulsan said on social media, adding, “We thank Martin Adam for his time with us and wish him all the happiness in his football life.

Martin Adam has made history in Ulsan. He played a huge role in Ulsan’s 2022 title triumph, their first K League title in 17 years, most notably scoring two goals in stoppage time in the final meeting with Jeonbuk Hyundai to lead a miraculous 2-1 comeback. Martin Adam scored nine goals and provided four assists in 14 appearances in his first season.

Last year, he scored five goals and provided four assists in 30 games to help Ulsan win their first two consecutive titles, and this season he has scored three goals in 10 appearances.

He leaves Ulsan after two years with the club after representing Hungary at Euro 2024.

“I’m here to say goodbye to you, my beloved Ulsan fans, for the last time,” Martin Adam said on the club’s social media accounts.

“I experienced two beautiful years in Ulsan, winning two championships and feeling very proud of those moments. I will be leaving after this, but there are good players in Ulsan to replace me. I think I have fulfilled my mission during my time in Ulsan,” he emphasized.

“So, Ulsan needed a change, and I also felt that I and my family needed a change of environment and career. We need a fresh air, and that’s why I made this decision. 무료고스톱다운받기 It was a very difficult time for me to make this decision,” said Martin Adam.

“I’ve always tried to contribute as much as I can to the team in the time I’ve been given on the field, in the position I’ve been given, just as the fans have always supported the team and me by playing for them. I have no doubt that we can win a third consecutive championship this season, and I’m crossing my fingers for that,” he added.

Martin Adam was with the team for the last time today against Suwon FC away from home.

He watched the game from the stands and said goodbye to the players and fans.

“Martin’s contract was terminated by mutual consent,” said head coach Hong Myung-bo. He wanted to play in Europe, and his family had some difficulties. It’s not easy to let go of a player under contract without a transfer fee. But considering what he has done for us, I think he deserves to be a free agent. It’s a shame we couldn’t keep him with us longer, but we wish him the best of luck in the future.”

Yago, who played for Gangwon FC, will fill the void left by Martin Adam. Ulsan will officially announce the signing of Yago in the near future.

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