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The president-elect of the Korea Tennis Association (KTA), Joo Won-hong, clarified his opposition to the move by the Korea Sports Federation to designate a management organization.

“We will do our best to resolve the conflict with the KTA and normalize the association,” Joo said at a press conference at the press center in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 25th, adding, “If the KTA designates the association as a management body, we will have no choice but to take legal action.”

Joo Won-hong won a by-election for the presidency of the Korea Tennis Association on Nov. 23.

He will lead the organization until the end of the year for the remainder of the 28th president’s term and the 29th president’s four-year term.

His first priority will be to resolve the conflict with the Korea Sports Federation.

In May, the KTF held deliberations to designate the Korea Tennis Association as the governing body, and the KTA has granted a one-month moratorium until the end of this month.

The KTA, the tennis association’s top governing body, held a deliberation on the designation, saying that the tennis association has been without a president since September last year, and that it is difficult to operate normally as it owes 4.6 billion won to MediaWill.

If designated as a management organization, the Korea Sports Federation will take over the management of the association by dispatching a management committee chairman, who is the temporary president of the association.

However, the Korea Tennis Association opposes the appointment of a receivership, saying that it received a 4.6 billion won ($4.6 million) debt forgiveness promise from MediaWill ahead of the receivership review committee in late May, and that the presidential election, originally scheduled to be held in October last year, was postponed due to a request from the Korea Sports Federation to suspend it.

“Yesterday, we received MediaWill’s debt forgiveness notarization and the minutes of the association’s board of directors meeting to the Korea Sports Federation,” Joo Won-hong said at a press conference, adding, “We will normalize the association, which has been operating in bankruptcy due to debt issues, and strive to develop Korean tennis by nurturing great players and paying attention to facilities.”

While the vacant presidency and 4.6 billion won ($4.6 million) in debt, which the KTA cited as the reason for the receivership, have been resolved, a new problem has arisen: the KTA forced a presidential election that was opposed by the KTA.

On the 23rd, the KFA sent out a letter requesting a suspension of the tennis association’s presidential by-election, and stated that if the election was held despite the KFA’s request, it would be a violation of the rules of the member sports organizations and a reason for designation as a management organization.

In response, Kim Doo-hwan, chairman of the Association Normalization Committee, said, “If the association is designated as a management organization, it will take more than two years for the association to normalize,” explaining, “If the association elects a president through its own election, the debt will be forgiven immediately, and the association will be normalized immediately, so we proceeded with the election despite the opposition of the Korean Sports Federation.”

Against this background, there is a special circumstance that Joo Won-hong and MediaWill Chairman Joo Won-seok are brothers.

In other words, although MediaWill has never explicitly stated it, it was assumed that the 4.6 billion won debt would be forgiven quickly if Joo Won-hong, the older brother of Joo Won-seok, became the president of the tennis association, so the tennis association had no choice but to proceed in the order of ‘election of president after debt forgiveness’ rather than ‘election of president after debt forgiveness’.

The notarization of the debt forgiveness also came with a condition: ‘If the Korea Tennis Association is not designated as the management organization of the Korea Sports Federation’.

If the KTA is designated as the management organization and an interim president is dispatched, the 4.6 billion won debt will remain.

“If I become the management organization, my status as president-elect will also disappear because I have not yet been approved by the KTA,” said Joo Won-hong. “As an association, we have no choice but to take legal action, such as filing an application for a provisional injunction to suspend the effectiveness of the management organization designation, but I hope that situation will not come to pass.”

“I hope the Korea Sports Federation will consider the quick normalization of the association from a grandiose level,” Joo said, adding, “I will also communicate with the president of the Korea Sports Federation, Lee Ki-heung, and try to find a solution.”

Kim Seok-chan, president of the Jeju Tennis Association, who was also present at the press conference, said, “Recently, the Federation of Sports Organizations of the Korea Athletic Federation asked the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to guarantee the autonomy and autonomy of sports federations.” “We hope that President Lee Ki-heung will help the tennis association to normalize as soon as possible,” he said. 카지노사이트

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