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 Gyeongnam Province held the founding general meeting of the organizing committee for the National Sports Festival and National Sports Festival for the Disabled to be held in Gyeongnam next year at the Gimhae Indoor Stadium on the 15th.The Organizing Committee is the highest organization that advises and supports major policies necessary for the preparation and operation of the National Sports Festival and the National Sports Festival for the Disabled.153 representatives from all walks of life, including mayors, county governors, and members of the National Assembly, mainly from the sports community, participate.Gyeongnam Governor Park Wan-soo will serve as chairman of the organizing committee.Six people, including Gyeongnam Sports Council President Kim Oh-young, Gyeongnam Province Executive Governor Choi Man-rim, Gyeongnam Office of Education Deputy Superintendent Park Seong-soo, Gyeongnam Provincial Council Vice-Chairmen Choi Hak-beom and Kang Yong-beom, and Gyeongnam Provincial Sports Association for the Disabled Vice-Chairman Kang Oe-sook, will participate as vice chairpersons.

Kim Jin-bu, chairman of the South Gyeongsang Provincial Council, will serve as an advisor, and Gimhae Mayor Hong Tae-yong will serve as a committee member. On this day, Gyeongnam Province held the National Sports Festival ‘D-300 Day’ at the Gyeongnam Provincial Office Plaza along with the founding general meeting of the organizing committee. A countdown indicator was installed.Gyeongnam will be the host site of the 105th National Sports Festival (October 11-17) and the 44th National Sports Festival for the Disabled (October 25-30) next year.The competition will be held throughout Gyeongsangnam-do, centered around Gimhae City.Gyeongnam Province and Gimhae City are renovating and renovating 23 stadiums to meet competition standards, including the construction of a new Gimhae Sports Complex, which hosts the opening and closing ceremonies of the National Sports Festival and track and field competitions, with the goal of completion in the first half of next year.The new Gimhae Sports Complex, which has 5 floors underground and 3 floors above ground, has 15,066 spectator seats.After the inaugural general meeting, Gyeongsangnam-do Governor Park Wan-soo held a sports development meeting at the Gimhae Small and Medium Business Center with about 70 presidents of city and county sports associations and sports organizations, focusing on the success of the National Sports Festival, nurturing 스포츠토토존 elite athletes, and revitalizing sports for daily life.

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