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Kawhi Leonard has signed a three-year contract extension with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Leonard signed a three-year, $153 million deal with the Clippers on Monday, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported. The first year is reportedly worth $52.4 million and the next two are worth $50 million each.

Leonard also has a $48.7 million player option for next season 카지노사이트 and is eligible for a four-year, $223 million max contract.

He chose not to exercise his player option or sign a four-year max deal, opting instead for a three-year deal. He gave up $70 million.

Why did he do it?

According to the ESPB, Leonard did so for two reasons.

First, he wanted his teammates Paul George and James Harden to stay with the Clippers. The idea was that taking less money than he could get would make it easier for George and Harden to sign with the Clippers.

“With me signing the extension, I think it gives the Clippers a chance to sign both of them,” Leonard said.

Leonard’s deal reportedly does not include a player option.

Secondly, I don’t want to be a ‘gambler’.

“I’m going to be 35 at that point,” Leonard said of the three-year extension when he could have gotten four guaranteed years. How do you think I’m going to play at that age?” he said. You can’t be an astronomer and get paid to be an astronomer and not play well.

In fact, Leonard tore his ACL during a second-round series against Utah in the 2021 playoffs and missed the entirety of the following season. It’s likely that remorse for that came into play as well.

Most players ask for longer contracts in order to get paid for as long as possible, which is why Leonard’s deal is seen as somewhat unusual.

Leonard has been healthy this season. His 27 consecutive games is his most in a season since 2016-17.

In 33 games, Leonard is averaging 24 points and six rebounds. He’s shooting 43.2% from three-point range and 51.8% from the field.

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