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The stovepipe is now open.

The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) announced the list of players approved for free agency in 2024 on Monday.

This year’s edition of the Stobrig includes Im Chan-kyu (B), Ham Deok-ju (B), Kim Min-sung (B), and Oh Ji-hwan (B) from the LG Twins, Kim Jae-yoon (B) and Joo Kwon (A) from the KT Wiz, Kim Min-sik (C) from the SSG Landers, Hong Gun-hee (A) and Yang Seok-hwan (A) from the Doosan Bears, and Kim Sun-bin (B) from the KIA Tigers, Ko Jong-wook (C), Ahn Chi-hong (B) and Jeon Jun-woo (B) from Lotte Giants, Kim Dae-woo (C), Oh Seung-hwan (C) and Kang Kang-ul (C) from Samsung Lions, Jang Min-jae (C) from Hanwha Eagles, Lim Chang-min (C) from Kiwoom Heroes, and Lee Ji-young (B-plus grade) from SSG Landers.

LG infielder Seo Gun-chang and Kiwoom outfielder Lee Yong-kyu did not apply.

The 19 free agents are free to sign contracts with any team, including overseas clubs, from the 19th.

The biggest names are infielder Yang Seok-hwan and closer Kim Jae-yoon. Bullpener Hong Gun-hee and veteran infielders Kim Sun-bin and Ahn Chi-hong also stand out.

Im Chan-kyu and Ham Deok-ju, who both had strong performances in this year’s Korean Series (KS), are also expected to be in the mix.

Oh Ji-hwan, who won the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in the KS, is believed to have filed for free agency in light of the second round of the draft, which will be held on April 22.

Oh signed a multi-year contract with LG in January for a total of 12.4 billion won over six years.

“When we signed him, we used the concept of an ‘extension contract,'” said an LG official, explaining, “He will be stamped with the same contract terms he signed with the club in January.”

Free agents cannot be picked up by other teams, even if they are not on the secondary draft protection list. With Oh’s free agency, LG will save one protected player.

Oh Seung-hwan is also a free agent and is expected to sign with his original team, Samsung.

The two sides are continuing negotiations within the framework of signing a contract.

Meanwhile, each of the KBO’s 10 clubs can sign up to two outside free agents in the stovepipe.

According to the rules, each team can sign two outside free agents if 11 to 20 players exercise their free agency rights, and three outside free agents if 21 to 30 players exercise their rights.

In addition, a team that signs a Class A player as an outside free agent must compensate the original club 200% of the previous year’s salary and one player outside the 20 protected players or 300% of the previous year’s salary.

The compensation for Class B players is 100 percent of the previous year’s salary and one player outside the 25 protected players or 200 percent of the previous year’s salary, while Class C is 150 percent of the previous year’s salary. 토토사이트

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