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Park Soo-il of FC Seoul, a professional soccer player, was named the player with the most sprints in the K-League 1 in July. According to the statistics of July player matches released by the Korea Professional Football Federation on the 9th, Park Soo-il recorded a total of 137 sprints in the 20th to 24th rounds of the K-League 1, beating Ko Jae-hyun (123) to take first place. Even in the total sprint distance, Park Soo-il recorded 2,931m, beating Ko Jae-hyun (2,789m) and kept first place. Wandelson (Pohang) ran a total of 2,676m in 118 sprints, ranking third in both count and distance. A sprint is a run with an average speed exceeding 22.68 km/h while maintaining 14.4 km/h for at least 2 seconds.In the top speed category, Jeon Jin-woo of Suwon Samsung took first place. Jeon Jin-woo recorded 36.73 km per hour in the process of infiltrating Anton in the 14th minute of the second half of the match against Daejeon Hana Citizen in the 21st round. Lee Gwang-hyeok (Suwon FC), who showed a fast run in the counterattack situation in the 23rd minute of the first half of the 22nd round against Seoul, took second place with a speed of 35.69km, and Baselus (Daegu), who took first place in this category in May, recorded a speed of 35.51km per hour in the round 24 match against Daejeon. ran and took 3rd place. The player with the most activity was Kangwon FC’s veteran defensive midfielder Han Young-young, who covered 62.98 km 스포츠토토링크 . He ran 5 km more than Jeong Ho-yeon (57.98 km) of Gwangju FC, who was second. In the K-League 2, Cho Seong-gwon (Gimpo, 62.11 km) in total distance, top speed Jorge (Chungbuk, Cheongju, 36.69 km per hour), number of sprints Kim Jin-rae (Seongnam, 174 times), and Lee Jun-jae (Gyeongnam, 3,750 m) in sprint distance 1 occupied the topPohang Steelers’ defender Grant was ranked first in the K-League 1 ‘Packing Index‘. The packing index is the number of opponents knocked out by a pass when it reaches a teammate, and is an indicator of the efficiency of a pass. Generally, there are many defenders at the top of this metric. There are many cases of attempting a mid- to long-distance pass than a player running in front, and through this, relatively more players are passed. Grant, who played full-time in five games in July, saw the effect of passing 497 people through 328 passes. In particular, Grant ranked first in packing in long-distance passes (over 30m) and second in medium-distance passes (15-30m). The federation commented, “It means that the pass sent from the defensive area or midfield to the front boasted that much accuracy.”In the final third (attack area), Seoul’s Ki Sung-yueng (pass 59, packing 109) was the most. In K-League 2, Bucheon FC’s Cars ranked first in the packing index (pass 276, packing 424).

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