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baseball kt wiz is mainly composed of veteran players in their 30s. The infield team, which consists of first baseman Park Byung-ho (37), second baseman Park Kyung-soo (39), third baseman Hwang Jae-gyun (36), shortstop Kim Sang-soo (33), and catcher Jang Seong-woo (33), has the highest average age among the 10 clubs. Because of this, kt was concerned about managing the physical strength of the players. Ahead of the season opening, July and August, when physical strength is declining, were judged to be a turning point. When I opened the lid, the result was the exact opposite. KT has been on a sharp rise since July. In 26 games since July, he recorded 19 wins and 7 losses with a win rate of 0.731. 1st out of 10 teams.In the last 10 games where the heat wave was rampant, they swept 9 wins (1 loss). KT, who stayed at the bottom at the beginning of the season, rose to 4th place without realizing it. They narrowed the gap to 2nd place SSG Landers by 3 games. After taking over as head coach Lee Kang-cheol, kt conducted various programs and trainings, focusing on pitchers’ ability to deter walks. When selecting foreign players, I paid close attention to the walk record. This is because it is judged that reducing the number of walks can shorten the game time and prevent players from depleting their stamina. kt considered 바카라사이트 ‘walks’ to be the key to penetrating team management in a season beyond the factor of winning or losing a game. kt shows tremendous walk suppression this season. The team’s walks per 9 innings were 2.84, the fewest among the 10 clubsIt is far ahead of Kiwoom Heroes (3.25), which is second in this category, and is less than 30% less than the lowest SSG (4.34). If you look at the team’s allowed walks per nine innings since July, when it started to rise, the gap widens further. kt is the overwhelming No. 1 with 2.19. It is less than half of SSG (4.50 pieces). During this period, the walks of kt starting pitchers are further reduced. Giving only 1.77 per 9 innings, it is the overwhelming minimum walk. Koh Young-pyo, a native kt ace, has set a record of 0.21 walks per 9 innings since July. Wes Benjamin is second in the league with 0.87, William Cuevas is seventh with 1.72, and Eom Sang-baek is 11th with 2.03.The walk record had a good effect on the team in various forms. First of all, the game time was shortened. KT’s average game time this season is 3 hours and 9 minutes, ranking first overall in minimum time. This means that the game ends 12 minutes earlier every day than the lowest-ranking Lotte Giants (3 hours and 21 minutes). Since July, when it began to rise, kt’s average game time has been 3 hours and 6 minutes, 17 minutes shorter than Kiwoom’s (3 hours and 23 minutes). In terms of defense time alone, kt players receive much less load than other teams. This is why veterans in their 30s endure through the heat wave.Infielder Hwang Jae-kyun, who has a batting average of 0.520 in 7 games since August, said, “In the tiring summer season, pitchers play head-to-head matches at a fast tempo, so the defense time is much shorter than other clubs.” is easy,” he said. Manager Lee Kang-cheol also said, “The pitchers handle short innings, so the fielders don’t make mistakes in defense and show their concentration at bat.”

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