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Bentoho’s former coach, A, has been charged with criminal mischief in another athletic scandal.

Ten people, including former Ansan FC president Lee Jong-geol, former head coach Lim Jong-heon, and agent Choi Mo, have been sent to trial for their involvement in a corruption case involving the professional soccer K League 2 Ansan Greeners (hereinafter referred to as Ansan FC).

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office’s Criminal Division 9 (Deputy Chief Prosecutor Kim Hyun-ah) announced today (March 13) that it has indicted 10 people, including former Ansan FC president Lee Jong-geol, on charges of embezzlement and graft for allegedly exchanging money in exchange for joining a professional club.

Among the 10 people handed over to the trial is Mr. A, who served as a national coach during the time of Ventura, so the impact is expected to be large, and the Korea Football Association will not be able to avoid criticism for failing to thoroughly verify coaches during the selection process.

Mr. A, a former national team coach, is suspected of conspiring with the already jailed agent Choi Moe to provide money to former Ansan FC president Lee Jong-gul and former head coach Lim Jong-heon in exchange for the signing of a player who was a student.

Lee Jong-geol is accused of receiving a total of 86 million won from the player’s father in exchange for the player’s recruitment from last year to this year, including receiving a Benz car worth 50 million won from the player’s father and 27 million won in cash, including an expensive watch, from agent Choi Mo.

Former coach Lim Jong-heon is also suspected of taking more than 100 million won, including receiving 45 million won from agent Choi Mo for signing players.

The prosecution said it has also notified the Korean Football Association of the misconduct of the coaches and agents that emerged from the investigation.

“We have confirmed the reality of ‘player management,’ where money is exchanged in exchange for joining a professional team in a situation of unlimited competition where only 3.7% of all soccer players join a professional team,” said a prosecutor. 카지노사이트킴 “We will do our best to ensure that the defendants who take player management lightly as a practice are punished commensurate with their crimes.”

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