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Former national fencer Nam Hyun-hee’s remarried partner, Jeon Cheong-jo, reportedly said, “I don’t have the confidence to beat Nam Hyun-hee because I don’t have the evidence.”

On January 1, MBN News revealed the contents of a phone call between Kangseo-gu Councilman Kim Min-seok and Jeon Cheong-jo the day before his arrest.

In the recording, Jeon Cheong-jo said, “The part I’m worried about is that there will be a lot of evidence that I’m not Mr. Nam Hyun-hee, a lot of evidence that I didn’t know. Up to that point, I’m worried about whether I can handle it,” he said.

He continued, “But I’m sure she has a lot of evidence that she’s not Ms. Nam Hyun-hee. I have never had such a conversation on KakaoTalk,” he said, adding, “As far as I can remember, I wrote a comment on KakaoTalk saying, ‘I want to stop being used by you. I do remember that (Nam Hyun-hee) said something in the form of ‘I’m not using you’ in response.”

Jeon Cheong-jo said, “There will be a lot of suspicions about Ms. Nam Hyun-hee in the future. He was the only one around me who knew I was a woman, and we both hid it thoroughly. Even the bodyguards, we hid it really well, but they must have known. We traveled together and showed our passports, but they never asked me directly,” she said.

“I alone cannot say that Ms. Nam Hyeon-hee knew about this. I don’t have any evidence. I can make my case, but I don’t really have the confidence to beat her (Nam Hyun-hee). I can’t win alone. I don’t have any evidence.”

In response, MBN News said, “You keep saying that there is no evidence that Mr. Jeon Cheongjo colluded with Ms. Nam Hyun Hee. Why there is no evidence, whether it was destroyed or never existed in the first place is something that will be revealed through the investigation, so we only heard Mr. Jeon’s voice.”

Earlier, on March 23, Nam Hyun-hee gave an interview to Women’s Chosun to announce her remarriage to Jeon Cheong-jo. The couple has since separated, citing Jeon’s fraud conviction and gender controversy.

According to police background check results and court documents, Jeon Cheong-jo is a woman born in 1996. She was charged with fraud for extorting nearly 300 million won from 10 victims and was sentenced to two years and three months in prison on December 11, 2020.

Due to a series of accusations of fraud and attempted fraud against Jeon Cheong-jo, police decided to merge the cases and conduct the investigation at the Songpa Police Station, police said on March 28. The Songpa Police Station in Seoul arrested Jeon Cheong-jo, who is suspected of fraud and attempted fraud, at his home in Gimpo City, Gyeonggi Province, on the afternoon of March 31.

Among them, on March 31, MBN reported, “The Bentley that Nam Hyun-hee received as a gift from Jeon was purchased in Nam Hyun-hee’s name from the beginning. When we checked the car registration ledger of the Bentley, the owner was Nam Hyun-hee,” MBN reported.

“We contacted Nam Hyun-hee to find out if she was the one who purchased the Bentley and if she agreed to the purchase of the car, but she did not respond. There have been complaints that not only Nam Hyun-hee but also the bodyguard who usually accompanied Jeon must have been aware of Jeon’s criminal behavior, and the legal community cannot rule out the possibility of punishing Nam Hyun-hee and the bodyguard.” 파워볼사이트

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