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The virtual account has been cut off, but…Illegal gambling, no control tower
Earlier last week, I reported a problem related to a virtual account used as a deposit window in connection with illegal gambling.Although the management supervision of virtual accounts has been strengthened, the reality is that there is still a long way to go to eradicate illegal gambling.There was no control tower to manage it.

<Yonhap News TV Report (last 13th)> “There are suspicions that officials of KOSDAQ-listed companies are encouraging illegality and making astronomical profits through the issuance of virtual accounts….”This is a Telegram chat room of a virtual account seller regarding illegal gambling that was confirmed immediately after the report.There is a notice that the issuance of virtual accounts by banks has been completely suspended.Virtual accounts are the main deposit channels for illegal gambling funds.<Cho Ho-yeon / Principal of a School Without Gambling> “The kids who illegally gamble on Telegram and distribute (virtual accounts) disappeared. The banking sector has locked down all PG companies.”However, there is still a long way to go to eradicate illegal gambling.The illegal gambling control tower in our country is absent.The integrated supervisory committee for the gambling industry has only the authority to manage and supervise legal gambling such as lotto, casinos, and horse racing, but has virtually no countermeasures against illegal gambling.<An official of the gambling industry supervisory committee> “The audit committee misunderstood the role of a control tower in relation to illegal gambling from the outside. It’s not that, but because the authority given to us is too narrow.”Even if the Korea Communications Commission blocks illegal gambling sites, gambling sites reappear here and there like poisonous mushrooms.It costs only millions of won to open a gambling site.This is why it is pointed out that a control tower should be prepared to play the role of the audit committee, the Korea Communications Standards Commission, and the police in relation to illegal gambling.Meanwhile, the police plan to launch an investigation into a listed company soon, which is suspected of being related to an illegal gambling company.


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