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Third-division club Jarbrücken failed to advance to the finals.

Jarbrücken, a third-division club that made headlines by advancing to the semifinals at Pokal, failed to advance to the finals as predicted by 토토사이트.

Kaiserslautern, who played the 2023-2024 Pokal semifinal match at Stadion Ludwigspark in Saarbrücken, Germany, won 2-0 against Saarbrücken on the 3rd (Korea time). Marlon Ritter scored the first goal with the assist of Almami Toure in the 8th minute of the second half. In the 30th minute of the second half, Toure himself scored an additional goal to complete the victory.

It was more dramatic than any other semifinalist.

With this, Saarbrücken ended up tying the record of advancing to the semifinals. Saarbrücken has advanced to the semifinals several times at Pokal, but has never made it to the final. The most recent advance to the semifinals was in the 2019-2020 season. Saarbrücken had advanced to the semifinals on the back of good luck, but suffered a crushing 0-3 defeat against Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

Jarbrücken’s performance at the Pokal this season was more dramatic than any other semifinalist. Except for beating Karlsruhe, the second-division team, in the first round, he met only the first-division team at every stage. In particular, he created a major upset in the second round by winning 2-1 against Bayern Munich, the absolute powerhouse of Germany. Despite a number of key players including Kim Min-jae, Bayern suffered an unexpected defeat.

After catching Bayern, he met three consecutive Bundesliga teams, including Eintracht Frankfurt and Borussia Mönchengladbach, and won all of them.

The gust ended with a loss to Kaiserslautern.

He showed tremendous potential in this tournament, but the gust ended when he lost to the second-division Kaiserslautern, which he met in the semifinals.

The other semifinal match between Leverkusen and Fortuna Düsseldorf will take place on Saturday. Leverkusen has been undefeated in all of its cup competitions this season, setting a new German record in this category, and is currently regarded as the most capable team in the world. Given that Leverkusen has only the minor league team ahead, chances are high that it will win the title.

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