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U.S. court orders gambling addiction treatment as a condition of bail. If you violate it, you will have to pay 35 million won. Mizuhara gambling net loss of about 56 billion won. When you win money, put it into your account.
2018 MLB superstar Shohei Otani (right) and former interpreter Ippei Mizuhara (left)

Interpreter Ippei Mizuhara (39), who was indicted for tampering with MLB superstar Shohei Otani (Los Angeles Dodgers)’s money to pay off illegal gambling debts, has been transferred to the United States. He appeared in court and was granted bail and released.

According to AP and AFP on the 12th (local time), a federal court judge in Los Angeles (LA) granted Mizuhara bail and ordered her to refrain from gambling in any way with the victim (Ohtani) or witnesses in the case. He was ordered to undergo addiction treatment.

Mizuhara’s bail was subject to a bond of $25,000 (approximately 35 million won), and AP explained that bail is granted as long as the person concerned signs the bond without paying the money. If Mizuhara violates his bail conditions, he will have to pay this amount.

Mizuhara’s lawyer said of the bail conditions imposed by the judge, “(his client) fully intends to do so.”

Mizuhara’s indictment hearing was set for the 9th of next month.

Mizuhara, who was indicted on bank fraud charges the previous day, voluntarily appeared in court today.

Mizuhara, who appeared wearing a black suit and white shirt, simply answered “yes” when asked by the judge whether he understood the details of the case he was indicted on and the bail conditions.

Previously, federal prosecutors in California alleged that Mizuhara stole more than $16 million (approximately 22.16 billion won based on today’s exchange rate) from Ohtani’s bank account to pay for his sports betting expenses and used the bank to gain access to Ohtani’s account. Mizuhara was indicted on charges of lying to the government.

According to the prosecution, Mizuhara secretly stole more than $16 million from Otani’s savings account and transferred it to a gambler from November 2021 to January of this year, and changed the contact information linked to Otani’s bank account for about two years. Avoided detection. He also called the bank and pretended to be Otani to get the bank to approve the transfer of a large sum of money. 섯다

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