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Men’s professional volleyball Woori Card has begun to solidify its lead.On the 16th, Woori Card defeated KEPCO with a set score of 3-1 (27-25 25-21 22-25 25-22) in the professional volleyball Dodram 2023-2024 V League men’s visiting match.Woori Card (34 points, 12 wins, 4 losses), which earned 3 points, widened the gap with 2nd place Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (28 points, 11 wins, 5 losses) and ran to first place in the league.Kim Ji-han, who inherited the ace position this season, led the team to victory by scoring 25 points (56.76% attack success rate), the most for both teams.

On the other hand, KEPCO fell into a two-game losing streak after winning seven games in a row. This is their 3rd consecutive loss against Woori Card this season.It was disappointing that Thais Dull Host (registered name: Thais) made 11 errors while his knee was not in good condition. Both teams fought fiercely from the first set and entered the deuce.KEPCO trailed by one point at 21-24 with Lim Seong-jin’s two consecutive goals. Woori Card allowed a deuce due to a mistake made by the main gunner, Matei Kok (registered name: Matei).However, if KEPCO had Lim Seong-jin, Woori Card had Kim Ji-han, a rival of the same age.Kim Ji-han cleverly scored two points in a row by utilizing KEPCO blocking.At 25-25, the ball hit the blocker’s hand and fell to the back of the court, and at 26-25, a touchout score was 스포츠토토존 scored on the left side of the court.

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