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Mason Greenwood, 23, has left Manchester United for Italy.

“Juventus and Mason Greenwood have reached an agreement,” Italy’s Sky Sports reported on the 12th in Korean time. “Now Juventus has to negotiate with Manchester United.”

Greenwood, a former Manchester United youth, made his debut for Manchester United’s first team in 2018, scoring 35 goals and 12 assists in 129 games. In addition, he made his A-match debut in September 2020 in a uniform for England.

However, in February 2022, he was questioned by police for alleged sexual assault on his girlfriend. Robson’s social media 안전놀이터 caused controversy when he released a photo of Greenwood’s girlfriend, Harriet Robson, bleeding from her mouth and bruises on her legs, eyes, and arms.

be a big hit within Spain

A year later all charges were withdrawn and Manchester United attempted to bring Mason Greenwood back, only to fail in strong opposition and Greenwood was loaned to Getafe CF.

Greenwood, who captivated fans with his sparkling moves and clear goal-scoring skills at Manchester United, spent time adjusting to Getafe after a short La Liga stint, but was immediately integrated into the team. During his loan spell, Greenwood scored 10 goals and six assists in 31 appearances.

Greenwood was considered a “troublemaker” in the U.K., but he was a huge hit in Spain. Not only Getafe but also Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, and FC Barcelona showed interest in Greenwood.

With Greenwood’s performance, Getafe is up three spots from last season…

As interest in Greenwood heated up, Jim Ratcliffe, the new president of Manchester United, said, “He’s a player for Manchester United. We have to acknowledge this and make a fair judgment, and we have to consider the value of the club.” He still stressed that Greenwood is a member of Manchester United.

La Liga president Javier Tebas also mentioned Greenwood himself. He reportedly expressed his greed for Greenwood, saying, “[Greenwood] is playing very well in Getafe, and it’s great to have him in La Liga. I hope he continues his performance in La Liga.”

With Greenwood’s performance, Getafe finished the season in 12th place, up three places from last season. Getafe also named Greenwood as the club’s player of the year for the 2023-2024 season.

Greenwood expected to challenge Italian stage

Greenwood is expected to take on the Italian stage after receiving a lot of attention from 토토사이트. The British ‘Manchester Evening News’ quoted the Italian media Gazeta delo Sport on Sunday, saying, “Greenwood has agreed to move to Juventus in the summer transfer window.”

“Greenwood and Juventus have reached a personal agreement, but negotiations with Manchester United are still ongoing,” the Manchester Evening News said.

“Juventus’ new manager Thiago Motta is said to have been ‘fascinated’ by the idea of including Greenwood in his 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 system,” the outlet reported.

“Coach Mota, who will lead the team next season, strengthens Juventus’ resolve, and the club has been negotiating with Greenwood’s aides on a transfer for a long time,” he said, explaining that he has made numerous efforts to recruit Greenwood.

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