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Lucas Paqueta, 27, West Ham United, has been named to the Brazil squad despite alleged betting violations. However, a move to Manchester City could be in jeopardy.

Paqueta is currently facing charges of knowingly receiving a warning from the English Football Association (FA). “Paqueta has been charged with a criminal agreement relating to breaches of FA Regulations E5 and F3. He is alleged to have breached Regulation E5 on four occasions – November 12, 2022 against Leicester City, March 12, 2023 against Aston Villa, May 21, 2023 against Leeds United and August 12, 2023 against Bournemouth.”

“It is alleged that Paqueta had an improper objective to influence the betting market for the benefit of one or more persons and attempted to directly influence the conduct and other aspects of the match by deliberately seeking to receive a caution. He is also charged with two breaches of F3 in relation to an alleged default under FA Regulation F2. The player has until June 3 to respond to the charges.”

Brazilian international midfielder Paqueta made his European debut in 2018 in an AC Milan shirt. 바카라사이트 He moved to Olympique Lyonnais a year later and began to make a name for himself as a key resource.

After much interest,

Paqueta joined West Ham in the summer of 2022. The transfer fee totaled a whopping £60 million and the contract was for 5+1 years. He immediately proved himself in the Premier League and became an integral part of West Ham’s midfield, making 43 official appearances in his debut season and helping the Hammers win the UEFA Europa League.

Paqueta was linked with a move to Manchester City in August last year. Pep Guardiola had identified him as a potential replacement for Bernardo Silva. According to the Daily Mail, City had agreed to pay a whopping £80 million for Paqueta.

However, an unexpected betting violation stood in the way. Paqueta was accused of intentionally receiving yellow cards on four occasions, and his transfer talks with City were temporarily suspended. Of course, he denied the allegations outright and cooperated with the investigation, including handing over his cell phone.

Nevertheless, 바카라사이트 추천 after nearly nine months of investigation, the FA decided to charge Paqueta. While he wasn’t accused of betting himself, unusual betting behavior was reportedly identified in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s likely that Paqueta was involved.

Paqueta is still livid. “I am very surprised and angry that the FA has decided to charge me. I cooperated with every step of the FA’s investigation for nine months and provided all the information I could. I deny all allegations and will fight to the death to clear my name. I will not comment further as the investigation is ongoing.”

West Ham have also been troubled by Paqueta’s inability to clear his name.

The Hammers have also been linked with a move for Paqueta this summer. “West Ham had planned to sell Paqueta to City,” says Football Insider. However, the FA charges are likely to hit their budget. City will no longer pursue their interest in Paqueta,” according to Football Insider.

According to the outlet, Paqueta’s buyout clause is worth £85 million. The Hammers were hoping to use the money to reinvest in the transfer market, but it all went awry when the FA eventually charged Paqueta. “Guardiola is a big fan of Paqueta,” says Football Insider. City were expected to make another bid for him this summer, but the FA charges have raised concerns.”

If Paqueta is ultimately found guilty, a move to City is not out of the question. “Paqueta faces a hefty ban if found guilty of any of the charges,” says the Daily Mail. Former Reading defender Keenan Isaac was given a 10-year ban for similar charges three years ago.” A 10-year sentence is effectively a forced retirement. According to the BBC, there is also the possibility of a lifetime ban.

However, Paqueta was named to the Brazilian national team regardless of the charges. Coach Diliberto Junior hasn’t let the criticism get to him and has included Paqueta in his roster for the Copa America 2024. The Brazilian Football Confederation said: “No provisional measures have been requested against Paqueta. 메이저 토토사이트 According to the information provided by the FA, he has not yet been sentenced and it is fair to say that he should be free to fulfill his professional role of supporting himself and his family. In light of the principle of the presumption of innocence, he cannot be considered guilty,” said the official statement.

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