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You batted 1 for 2 last year and 1 for 2 this year. He was born in 1984 and will be 40 next year. At this age and with this kind of performance, it is likely that the club will talk about retirement.

That’s why SSG Landers talked to Kim Kang-min (41) about retirement.

But no. Instead, the coach and the club decided to stay together next year. We’re talking about KT Wiz captain Park Kyung-soo.

Park will lead the KT Wiz as captain next season. At the ‘2023 Fan Festival’ held at the Seonseung Hall of Kyung Hee University International Campus in Yongin on the 26th, when asked by fans if he would stay with the team next year, Park said, “The club asked me to stay for one more year.” “I want to leave with one more championship ring and thank the fans. I will stay for one more year,” he replied.

Why did Lee Kang-chul and the club ask Park to stay for another year?

It’s true that his batting is declining.

But his defense at second base is still the most stable. Park was a 20-homer hitter when he came to KT, and even as his batting numbers declined, his defense was unparalleled. In 2021, he won the Korean Series MVP for his defense.

Even this season, when pitchers like Cuevas and Ko Young-pyo induce a lot of ground balls and the opposing team has a lot of left-handed hitters, Park is often the starter. Cuevas and Young-pyo Ko are reliable when Park is out. Even in the playoffs against NC, Park started and brought stability to the defense.

This is where the captain’s leadership comes in. One of KT’s strengths is the communication between the players and the coaching staff. The captain is the one who makes this possible.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol and Park Kyung-soo speak frankly with each other, and the team is able to move in the same direction. KT is a team with a lot of veterans. This time, 카지노사이트 they even added Park’s teammate Woo Kyu-min through the second round of the draft. The team needs a lot of consideration for the veterans, so the captain’s role is necessary, and Park plays an important role because he knows the team’s situation, the coaching staff, and the club’s mind.

KT Wiz, who miraculously finished second in the regular season and pressured the LG Twins in the Korean Series despite the loss of their main players at the beginning of the season, can be said to have a chance to win the championship. In order to do so, they need to have a sense of stability with the current system. They will challenge for the championship next season with their captain, Park Kyung-soo.

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