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Lee Jeong-hoo, hits in 9 consecutive games with multiple hits… Batting average 0.270

Got on base with an infield hit in the 6th inning, hit a left-field hit in the 8th, and even scored a run, winning 3-1 over San Francisco and Miami… Lee Jeong-hoo scores a wedge

‘Grandson of the Wind’ Lee Jeong-hoo (25, San Francisco Giants) continued his hitting streak for 9 consecutive games, contributing to the team’s victory.

Lee Jeong-hoo started as a third hitter and center fielder in the 2024 American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB) regular season visiting game against the Miami Marlins held at Rondipo Park in Miami, Florida on the 18th (Korean time), hitting 2 hits in 4 at-bats and hitting once.

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Lee Jeong-hoo’s season batting average jumped from 0.257 to 0.270 (20 hits in 74 at-bats).

Lee Jeong-hoo, who faced Miami left-handed pitcher Trevor Rogers, had difficulty getting the timing right.

In his first at-bat in the 1st inning, he pushed a high four-seam fastball at 93.9 miles per hour (approximately 151 km), but it was out in front of the third baseman.

In the 4th inning, he came out as the lead hitter and made 3 balls and 1 strike, then missed two body sinkers in a row.

Jeong-hoo Lee retired with a strikeout.

In the third match of the game in the 6th inning, Lee Jeong-hoo reached base with an infield hit and pulled Rogers off the mound.

Lee Jeong-hoo, who was at bat with 2 outs and 1st base, hit an outside slider with a 2-ball, 2-strike count, and the batted ball rolled between the third baseman and the shortstop.

Miami shortstop Tim Anderson tried to catch the lead runner by throwing to second base, but was unable to throw and gave up an infield hit to Jeong-hoo Lee.

With this hit, Lee Jeong-hoo succeeded in hitting in 9 consecutive games since the game against the San Diego Padres on the 8th.

In his last at-bat in the 8th inning, Lee Jeong-hoo reached base with a single and even scored a run, which became the key point.

Lee Jeong-hoo, who came to the plate in the 8th inning with a 2-1 lead and no runners on base with 2 outs, lightly pushed the 4th pitch sweeper from Miami right-handed bullpen Anthony Bender and hit a left-field hit that passed the infield slightly.

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