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Actor Kim Ji-eun / Courtesy of HB Entertainment

Actor Kim Ji-eun will be starring in tvN’s upcoming romance series “Mom’s Friend’s Son” (direct translation).The actor’s agency, HB Entertainment, confirmed that Kim has taken on the lead role in the new series, costarring with actors Jung Hae-in and Jung So-min.The new drama, scheduled to air later this year, revolves around two childhood friends, prominent architect Seung-hyo (Jung Hae-in) and successful businessperson Seok-ryu (Jung So-min).Seok-ryu is a self-confident and passionate person and has never experienced failure in her life until she comes across an incident. Her effort to reboot her life meets an obstacle when she reunites with her childhood friend Seung-ho.

Kim will play the role of Mo-eum, who is another childhood friend of Seung-ho and Seok-ryu. She is depicted as a paramedic brimming with passion and a strong sense of justice, taking immense pride in her profession.Director Yoo Je-won, whose works include the rom-com series “Oh My Ghost” (2015) and “Crash Course in Romance” (2023), will reunite with scriptwriter Shin Ha-eun for the series since, marking their first collaboration since the successful rom-com series “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” (2021).Kim, who made her debut with a commercial in 2016, has appeared in a variety of series, showcasing her versatility. Her credits include the action series “The Veil” 토토 (2021), the action mystery “Again My Life” (2022), and the comedy-crime series “One Dollar Lawyer”

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