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Italian Ambassador to Korea Emilia Gatto delivers a welcome speech during an event celebrating her country's 78th National Day, held at the ambassador's residence in Seoul, Monday. Courtesy of Embassy of Italy in Seoul

The Embassy of Italy in Seoul hosted a celebration of Italy’s National Day on Monday, gathering hundreds of guests, including foreign ambassadors as well as government and business officials, at the Italian ambassador’s residence. The event commemorated the 78th anniversary of the Republic of Italy, offering a sumptuous array of fine Italian cuisines from renowned restaurants around the capital.

Emilia Gatto, Italian ambassador to Korea, highlighted the deepening bonds and mutual aspirations between the two nations in her welcoming speech.

“I am proud to be the ambassador of Italy to Korea. After almost nine months here, I still feel like Alice in Wonderland, where every day I discover something new, fascinating and amazing about Korea, sometimes really beyond my imagination,” Gatto said.

The ambassador highlighted the strong commercial and cultural ties between the two nations and her aim to strengthen these connections further.

“Our aim is to reinforce the link between the business world and the institutions by strengthening the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ITCCK),” she said.

“With our flamboyant cultural institute, our objective is from one side to promote Italy-Korea contamination, highlighting both countries’ strengths.”

She also praised the Korean public’s enthusiasm for Italian culture, describing it as a “spellbound attraction” between the two peoples.

In terms of scientific cooperation, Gatto highlighted recent agreements and memorandums of understanding (MOUs) in space exploration, fundamental research and high-tech industries.

“Our aim, supported by a strengthened, highly skilled team, is to showcase our lesser-known strengths beyond being recognized solely for our 3F industries,” she 안전 emphasized, stressing the significance of collaboration in additional vital sectors such as space exploration and high-tech industries. The 3F industries refer to food, fashion and furniture.

“We not only admire Korea for the renowned miracle that made it an economic superpower and more and more a global soft power, but also recognize its growing political relevance,” she said.

Gatto emphasized the importance of territorial diplomacy and community engagement.

“One of the strategies we are implementing is territorial diplomacy, a powerful transversal tool that enriches the lives of local communities,” she said.

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