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Three days had passed, but the hurt hadn’t completely faded. He felt sorry for himself more than anyone else.

KT Wiz fourth baseman Park Byung-ho had a rough fall. Although his team advanced to the Korean Series with a dramatic victory over the NC Dinos in the playoffs, they were unable to take the final step toward the championship. After losing Game 1, they finished as runners-up in four straight games. The batting struggles of No. 4 hitter Park Byung-ho have been the most troubling factor more than anyone else. He hit a dramatic game-winning home run in the bottom of the eighth inning in Game 3, but he came up empty in the ninth inning and the team lost the game. Lee Kang-cheol believed in the No. 4 hitter until the end, and he wanted to live up to the expectations, but the momentum never came back. KT never regained the momentum and finished as runners-up.

Park Byung-ho recently participated in KT’s fan festival and apologized to the fans, saying, “I’m sorry and I’m sorry for the Korean Series result.” It’s been about a month since then, but it’s still hard for him to come to terms with the result. At the KBO Awards ceremony on the 27th, Park was honored as the first first baseman to receive the award, and he said, “I’m very disappointed that we didn’t win the championship. I should have done better, but I think I missed the opportunity to help the team win the championship because of my poor performance. Time has passed, but I still don’t feel better.”

In truth, KT had a pretty magical season.

After falling to the bottom of the standings early in the season, they finished the regular season in second place. It’s a drama in itself. They even had a chance to win the Korean Series, 카지노사이트가이드 but it just wasn’t meant to be. “I still have a lot of desire to win,” Park said. “I haven’t won a championship yet, so next year I want to stand at the top with my KT teammates,” he said. “First of all, I think we need to prepare well from this winter. I will work harder to prepare for the technical part to cope with my weaknesses,” he said.

Park also said, “I won the defense award this year, but I’m not (satisfied) because the result was not good in the end. Next year, I want to win unconditionally by playing good defense until the end,” he said. Park Byung-ho is now in his late 30s, but he is a renowned home run hitter who regained the KBO’s home run title just a year ago. He is not deterred by his age and wants to win the competition with his juniors.

Park Byung-ho said, “I’ve been watching Noh Si-hwan grow up and thinking about him with great admiration. But it’s not just me, it’s everyone. I want to compete with such juniors, and although I am getting older, I want to compete and achieve good results,” he said, throwing down the gauntlet again. Already, he is looking forward to the start of the 2024 season.

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