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Goulit, Ronaldo tears are just a show

Goulit Stigmatizes Criticism of Ronaldo’s Tears as Hypocrite
Dutch soccer legend Ruud Goulit made critical remarks on Cristiano Ronaldo’s tears. British media “Sports Brief” reported on the 3rd that “Ronaldo showed emotional ups and downs in the round of 16 match against Slovenia, and Dutch legend Goulit pointed him out as a hypocrite.”

Portugal played a fierce match against Slovenia for 120 minutes in the round of 16 strongest teams of Euro 2024 at Frankfurt Arena in Frankfurt, Germany, on Wednesday (Korea time), but ended up with a penalty shootout without scoring a goal. Portugal won the penalty shootout 3-0 and made it to the quarterfinals.

Ronaldo, who played as Portugal’s front-line striker in the match, was sluggish, missing several chances to score. In the 34th minute of the first half, Rafael Leão got a foul in front of the penalty box, and Ronaldo tried to shoot himself as a kicker, but the ball went over the goal.

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Ronaldo Tears After Penalty Misses Portugal Dramatic Win

Cristiano Ronaldo was greedy several times throughout the game, but failed repeatedly. In the 38th minute of the first half, he tried to shoot too hard even when there was little angle, but it was canceled. In the 10th minute of the second half, he kicked a free kick from the front of the penalty box himself, but he headed straight to goalkeeper Jan Oblak. There was also a chance for a free kick in the 27th minute of the second half, but it did not lead to a goal.

Ronaldo also missed a golden opportunity. In the 13th minute of extra time, Jota got a penalty when he fell inside the box, but Ronaldo’s kick was caught by the goalkeeper. He shed tears after the penalty miss, and teammates comforted him, but he looked mentally struggling.

In the end, the match was decided on a penalty shootout. Ronaldo became Portugal’s first kicker, shaking the net on his second attempt. Portugal won after a dramatic victory.

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Goulit Criticizes Ronaldo’s Tears For Being Inauthentic

After the match, legendary Dutch player Ruud Goulit made critical remarks about Cristiano Ronaldo. Goulit said, “Ronaldo made only one of the 60 free kicks that Portugal has given. He nonetheless tries to kick every free kick himself. There are players in Portugal who kick better than Ronaldo, and he always tries to take the spotlight.”

Goulit also complained about Ronaldo’s actions after the penalty miss. He said, “His behavior during the game was disappointing. He wasted all the free kicks, and he didn’t make any penalties. Then he shed tears.”

Goulit then added, “I think Ronaldo’s tears are insincere. His behavior is unacceptable. I like Ronaldo, but his exaggeration of all the fouls during the game is not touching.”

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