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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said he is open to talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin to reinstate the Black Sea Grain Agreement and urged the West to consider Russia’s demands.
“The termination of the Black Sea Grain Agreement will have a series of consequences, including higher world food prices, food shortages in some parts of the world and an increase in migration,” Erdogan told reporters aboard a plane returning from a tour of the Middle East and Northern Cyprus on Nov. 21 local time.
“I believe that by discussing this issue in depth with President Putin, we can ensure the continuation of humanitarian efforts.”
Russia and Ukraine signed the Black Sea Grain Agreement on July 22 last year in Turkiye, mediated by the United Nations, to ensure the safe export of grain and fertilizer through the Black Sea.
The agreement was due to expire on July 17 after being extended three times, but Russia refused a fourth extension, 먹튀검증토토사이트 declaring the agreement suspended and withdrawing its guarantees of safe Black Sea navigation.
Russia is demanding that trade obstacles be removed to allow it to export its grain and fertilizer to international markets, but the West has countered that it has no problem with Russia’s food exports, with the exception of financial sanctions related to agricultural trade.
“We know that President Putin has certain expectations of the West,” Erdogan said, “and it is key for the West to act in this regard.”
He reiterated that he hopes Putin will visit Turkiye in August.

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