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Should we give in” the controversy over baseball memorabilia

A ball hit into the stands during a game is often a keepsake for fans. The same is true for players, especially if it represents a record-breaking achievement. This has led to some controversy over the ownership of memorabilia, but what do you think? In the top of the fourth inning of a game against Hanwha on the 20th, KIA’s Choi Hyung-woo hit a two-run home run to reach 1,500 RBIs, the most in KBO history. The ball hit the outfield and bounced to the ground, where Hanwha’s rookie center fielder Moon Hyun-bin threw the ball into the stands. The team reportedly asked the fan for the ball and was initially turned down, but the fan hand-delivered it to Choi the next day, and Choi expressed 스포츠토토 his gratitude. Recently, SSG’s Choi Ju-hwan posted a photo of the fan asking for his 1,000-hit commemorative ball “back” before deleting it and apologizing. The team explained that it was a “misunderstanding” and that they did not ask the fan’s wishes on the day of the game. The fan then offered to give the ball to the player, and Choi Ju-hwan reportedly agreed to compensate him. Controversy surrounding the memorial ball. Fans are also divided on the issue. Unlike foul balls or regular home run balls, balls that set certain records can be especially meaningful to players. This is one of the reasons why teams offer rewards like autographed balls. A similar controversy can be found in Major League Baseball. In 2019, Albert Pujols, who became the third player in major league history to reach 2,000 RBIs, said “we play for the fans” and “if they want it, they have the right to have it” when a fan refused to give him the ball. He said the same thing when he became the fourth player in history to hit 700 home runs last year. While the 2,000 RBI commemorative was donated to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the 700 home run commemorative was sold at auction for $360,000, or $500 million in Korean won at the exchange rate at the time.

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