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For the second year in a row, the San Diego Padres have traded away their batting champion for less than the minimum salary. Most of the remaining salary of Luis Arajuez (27) will be paid by his former team, the Miami Marlins. In fact, it’s an economically efficient trade for San Diego, who also got rid of Go Woo-seok’s (26) salary.

According to The Athletic, San Diego sent pitcher Go Woo-seok, outfielders Dylan Head (20), Jacob Masi (23), and first baseman Nathan Matorella (23) to Miami in exchange for Arajuez and about $8 million in cash.

Arajuez, who is making $10.6 million this year, is owed $8.491 million over the remaining 149 days of the season. With Miami picking up $7.88 million in the trade, San Diego can keep Arajuez for the rest of the season for $592,796, less than the minimum salary ($740,000).

“This gives San Diego significant financial flexibility,”

The Athletic said. San Diego’s payroll will be about $12 million below the luxury tax threshold of $237 million, according to FanGraphs. San Diego, 토토사이트 which has paid the luxury tax for three consecutive years, does not want to exceed the cap this year, the organization explained.

It’s not the kind of deal the Padres would normally make, sending out Go Woo-Seok, who is making $1.75 million this year, and getting Arajuez for $590,000. In his first game since the trade, Araujo went 4-for-6 with a double, a home run, and an RBI in a 13-1 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks on May 5, leading the Padres to their first win of the season.

The prospect card for the Padres has been enticing for Miami. Head, Marsh, and Matorella were ranked sixth, ninth, and 13th, respectively, in MLB Pipeline’s San Diego prospect rankings. Miami, which is 9-25 (.265 winning percentage) and has slipped to fifth place in the National League East and out of the race for the division crown, received a high-profile card with Araez, who will be a free agent after next season.

According to local media

Including the Miami Herald, Miami president of baseball operations Peter Bendix said, “We received an offer that we could not pass up for the long-term good of the organization. We’re disappointed with the team’s performance this year, but we can’t change anything immediately, and we’re not going to make the postseason. We couldn’t pass up a tremendous amount of young talent that could benefit the organization in the long run.”

“Araez is a very good player who has won the batting title two years in a row. So it was a tough decision, but we got a lot of prospects in return. When we looked at the long-term value of three outfielders and a pitcher who could impact the team for six years or more, we felt it was the right decision for the organization to make the trade. We are very confident in our ability to analyze players. Nothing is guaranteed in baseball, but we are confident that these four players will be a meaningful part of our future.”

As for covering most of Araez’s salary, Bendix said, “Owner Bruce Sherman continues to give us the support we need to execute on our long-term vision. His willingness to take on the remainder of Araujo’s salary has allowed us to bring in better players,” Bendix said. ‘We are committed to winning 90 or more games every year.’

San Diego, meanwhile, made another immediate addition with a wealth of prospects.

In March, the Padres sent prospects including the No. 5 pitcher in the entire MLB Pipeline, Drew Thorpe, No. 7 outfielder Samuel Zavala, and No. 8 pitcher Hiro Iriarte to the Chicago White Sox for All-Star starter Dylan Sease, and then added Arajuez in a deal that signaled their intent to challenge for the big prize this year. San Diego, which has won four straight, is back to a .500 record at 18-18 and 4.5 games back of the NL West-leading Los Angeles Dodgers (22-13) for second place.

“We’re really excited about the addition of Araujo,” said San Diego manager Mike Schmidt. Adding a two-time batting champion adds depth to our lineup. “I have to give a lot of credit to President and General Manager A.J. Preller,” said Shields, “He will provide quality at-bats at first base, second base, and designated hitter. He brought in Sease on the last day of spring training and then added a player like Araez in early May. 파워볼게임 It speaks volumes about our organization’s commitment to winning. You have to applaud Mr. Preller and the scouting department for scouting and developing so many prospects. We had Juan Soto two years ago, so it shows that we have a lot of coveted prospects,” said Preller.

giving credit to the scouting and development system.

“We’re very excited to add two-time batting champion Araez,” said Preller, whose organization is known for being one of the most aggressive in the majors. “He’s a player we’ve had our eye on for a long time with a lot of energy and tremendous skill. “After losing Soto in the offseason, we needed to find another way to attack, and a left-handed hitter was a priority. Ultimately, we got him at the right price for our team this year, and we’ll be able to do other things in the future.” The trade was also significant because it relieved the team of payroll burden, allowing them to make additional moves.

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