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Lee Sang-min, who returned to KCC in “My Oppa is Back.”
Former Samsung manager Lee Sang-min, a “computer guard” who led the KCC dynasty in the past, joined as a coach of KCC, a “friendly team.”Coach Lee Sang-min, who stepped on the KCC training ground for the first time in 16 years, had a new feeling.

Coach Lee Sang-min, who won KCC three times with the original “oppa unit” when he was a player.

<Lee Sang-min/Jeonju KCC Coach> “My stake is up to here…”I remember 2003-2004 being a little difficult to win.”

Coach Lee, who had been resting after stepping down from Samsung’s head coach, returned to his home team for the first time in 16 years, was decided by a phone call from coach Jeon Chang-jin.

<Lee Sang-min/Jeonju KCC Coach> “Thankfully, the coach called me first and called me.” That’s enough rest. Since the members are good this year, let’s get good results and have fun with me.”

It is true that there were concerns around me about becoming a coach after being a coach for more than eight years, but I accepted Jeon’s proposal with the mind of starting again.

<Lee Sang-min/Jeonju KCC Coach> “Coach Jeon Chang-jin has a lot of experience and has a lot of winning experience, so I’ll think about it and it’ll help me a lot.” And I think I made the decision because the meaning of singing in my old team is also different.”

He said he had to leave KCC unexpectedly because he was named Seo Jang-hoon’s reward player in the FA market in 2007, but he has long forgotten his disappointment.

<Lee Sang-min/Jeonju KCC Coach> “I have never shed tears. When I look back on that time, my heart hurt a lot. After that, Heo Jae kept talking on the phone, so it’s been a long time since I forgot about it. “Don’t worry about me.”

KCC has acquired coach Lee and has all the “new and old popular stars” along with Huh Woong, who is currently enjoying the most popularity.

<Lee Sang-min/Jeonju KCC Coach> “Because the trend is now Huh Woong.” KCC’s ticket power is amazing. People around me said, “Hey, it’s going to be hard to get tickets for KCC’s home game.” “I’ll go all the way to you.”

Coach Lee Sang-min’s goal is one as he has emerged as a strong candidate for the championship by recruiting Huh Woong, Lee Seung-hyun, and Choi Joon-yong.

<Lee Sang-min/Jeonju KCC Coach> “I think putting on one more banner (winning) when I’m here is a reward for inviting me here.”


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