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KCC defeats Korea University in a scrimmage.

The Jeonju KCC Aegis played a scrimmage against Korea University at the KCC Gymnasium in Maebuk-dong on the 17th. The game lasted until the fifth quarter, and the score was 86-71 in favor of KCC 카지노사이트 until the fourth quarter. After the end of the fourth quarter, the score was reset and a fifth quarter was played.

KCC missed Ragan-ah and Lee Seung-hyun, while Korea University missed Moon Jung-hyun due to national team commitments. Kim Dong-hyun (KCC) was also called up to the 3×3 national team.

KCC looked shaky against KU’s offense, giving up a lead in the third quarter, but transfer Choi Jun-yong was an energizer on offense and helped secure the win. Heo Woong also showed off his shooting touch, knocking down several three-pointers.

KCC started with the lineup of Heo Woong-Ho-hyun-Jung Chang-young-Choi Jun-yong-Yeo Jun-hyung, while KU started with Park Mubin-Moon Yoo-hyun-Gim Tae-hoon-Dong-geun-Yang Jun.

KCC opened the game with a goal from Heo Woong and pressured KU from the start. With a good defense that kept KU from scoring, KCC accumulated points as Heo Woong went back and forth between the inside and outside, and Jung Chang-young and Yeo Jun-hyung also contributed. Transfer student Choi Jun-yong also showed off his strengths, showing off his ability to coordinate the game. With Choi actively attacking the rim, KCC ended the first quarter with a score of 28-15.

Entering the second quarter, KCC utilized a lineup of Lee Ho-hyun, Lee Geun-hwi, Jeon Jun-beom, Seo Jung-hyun, and Yeo Jun-hyung with Choi and Heo going to the bench. Kwak Jung-hoon and Song Dong-hoon also stepped onto the court, with point guard Song Dong-hoon taking the lead in handling and leading the offense.

After extending their lead, KCC faced a strong push from Korea University in the final minutes of the first half. A three-pointer by Park Mubin reduced the gap to five points. KCC struggled with U-fouls and ended the second quarter with a 41-40 lead.

Both teams started the second half with Heo Woong, Song Dong-hoon, Jeon Jun-beom, Choi Jun-yong, Yeo Jun-hyung, and Park Mubin, Moon Yoo-hyun, Lee Dong-geun, Yoon Ki-chan, and Park Jun-hyung, respectively. KU’s momentum from the end of the first half carried over to the beginning of the third quarter, and they managed to pull away. Yoon Ki-chan drained a three-pointer following an end-one play to extend the lead to seven points.

After experiencing a stagnation on offense, KCC used their defense to keep the game close. They forced two 24-second turnovers, and Heo Woong hit a three-pointer to open the door. The momentum shifted back to KCC’s side as the determined Choi Jun-yong centered the offense. Choi’s free throws and Heo’s three-pointer helped KCC close out the third quarter with a 62-52 lead.

The reignited Choi started the fourth quarter with a bang, scoring on a put-back after an offensive rebound and a fastbreak dunk. In the early and middle of the fourth quarter, the court was his one-man show.

Finding some space, KCC got other players involved in the scoring, including Choi Jun-yong, who came off the bench to drive a wedge into the game with a series of three-pointers and blocked shots. In the remaining minutes, both teams played evenly to close out the game. KU made a late push through Shin Joo-young, but it wasn’t enough to turn the game around.

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