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BNK set the tone in the second half.

BNK lost a practice game against Fujitsu at the 스포츠토토 BNK Training Center Indoor Gym in Gijang. The game was close in the first half, but they gave up the momentum in the third quarter and failed to catch up in the fourth.

We were a little shaky from the start. BNK head coach Park Jung-jeong quickly called for a timeout, as the team allowed their opponent to make a three-pointer and score on the fast break. However, BNK still couldn’t get into the flow. Han Um-ji scored a basket, but they missed back-to-back shots and the score was 11-2.

However, BNK scored back-to-back points, starting with a three-pointer from Kim Han-byul. The gap quickly narrowed. Han Um-ji scored from under the basket to make it 11-11. Then, Park Kyung-rim added a breakaway basket to take the lead. Once they got the momentum, BNK continued to push forward and made it 24-15 with a goal from Kim Min-ah.

The second quarter started like that. Both teams exchanged points. However, a series of miscues by BNK led to points for Fujitsu. The gap, which was once double digits, quickly narrowed. After allowing a fast break, BNK gave up the lead. BNK failed to score on consecutive possessions and the gap widened. After scoring just seven points in the second quarter, BNK went into halftime with a 31-38 lead.

At the start of the third quarter, Fujitsu scored back-to-back points from outside. They even scored on the fast break. BNK, on the other hand, failed to score. The gap quickly widened. Within the first two minutes of the game, BNK was down 0-9.

Even after that, BNK couldn’t catch a break. They were giving up easy points and scoring hard points. The gap widened to 27 points. At the end of the quarter, it was still Fujitsu University, and they ended the third quarter with a score of 43-71. BNK gave up 33 points in the third quarter and completely lost the game.

BNK couldn’t rebound in the fourth quarter. They still struggled on offense, especially against their opponent’s pressure defense. On defense, they couldn’t control their opponent’s outside scoring. The fouls kept coming. The score gap widened.

Neither team was looking to win or lose, so they played evenly. However, the scoreline remained the same and BNK lost the game.

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