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“I think it was a big help to the team.”

Korean Air held overseas training camps in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, from Aug. 8 to 14. The team played against the Tokyo Great Bears in Tokyo and the Panasonic Panthers in Osaka, where they experienced a new type of volleyball. The training camp was special for Jung, who hasn’t had the same schedule as her teammates as she has been rehabbing every off-season. From the 홀덤사이트 KOVO Cup to Japan, she continued to work with her teammates to prepare for the upcoming season.

“I’ve always taken time off during the off-season, but this time, we practiced together and came to the training camp, so I think it helped me and the team a lot,” said Jeong.

“This time, I was greedy and started rehabilitation right after the season ended. My body came back faster than last year because I had the surgery quickly. However, I don’t want to get injured while preparing, so I’m making adjustments and getting better.”

During the training camp in Japan, it was clear to see what kind of volleyball Tommy Tilikainen is looking for. “It was the first time we faced an opponent who played the kind of volleyball he taught us, especially against the Great Bears, and I thought we would have a big weapon if we could incorporate that play into our team,” said Jung.

“I understood 100% what kind of volleyball the coach wanted to play. I realized that enough and believed that the volleyball we’ve been playing is the one that works. I think I can trust the coach more and follow him,” she said.

“The players on the court need to be able to connect like a setter. Also, no matter where you put it and in what position, everyone except the libero has to be ready to hit it. It’s going to be tricky because the opponent is going to have to prepare for a lot of different things.”

She was positive about her first time playing with Marc Espejo (registered name Espejo). “In the offense, we had a sense. I think once we get to know the setter better, he will be 100% integrated into the team this season.”

“For me personally, I want to be injury-free before the season,” he concluded, “and for the team, I want to improve our team performance by working together more, and I want to set the tone quickly when the players who were sent to the national team come back.

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