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After ending Day 1 in 11th place, South Korea’s strongest Battle Royale team, DANA Esports, has finally warmed up. Not only did they get their much-anticipated first chicken, but they also made a huge leap in the standings, jumping into the lead race.

DANAWA Esports scored a quick 20 points with a 10-kill chicken in Match 8 of the second game of the Grand Finals on Day 2 of the 2023 PUBG Global Championship (PGC) at the Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ratchapraw Bangkok Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand on the afternoon of the 2nd (KST) to jump up to 4th place with a total of 60 points.

Veronica Seven (V7), who ended Day 1 in the lead, earned just four points and slipped to seventh place (53 points). Jenji, who finished Day 1 in 15th place, fell to 16th place (26 points) in last place.

Day 2 of the Grand Finals saw Erangel-Erangel-Bikendi-Taigo-Mirama-Mirama. In the first match of the day, Match 7, while Genji was down to one point and V7 was down to two points after getting caught up in an early skirmish, Tanawa bounced back with a top-six finish and three kills for five points.

In Match 8, back in Erangel, DANAWA showed off his long runs and strong engagements to deliver the first of his long-awaited chicken nuggets. In a best-of-three match against rivals 17 Gaming and Twisted Gaming, DANAWA cleverly read their opponents rather than fighting for position to enter the magnetic field, adding another 20 points to his tally with a 10-kill chicken to leapfrog into third place with a total of 55 points.

In the final match of the first half of Day 2, Match 9, which saw a change of scenery to Bikendi, he cleverly poured on the firepower at dangerous moments, picking up five kills to wrap up the first half of Day 2 of the Grand Finals with 60 points.


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