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Outside hitter Kang So-hwi (26) of the GS Caltex women’s professional volleyball team is currently ranked 10th in scoring (181 points) in the 2023-2024 season.

She and “volleyball queen” Kim Yeon-kyung (No. 8-Hungkuk Life) are the only two Koreans in the top 10. Since this season, the Asian quota system, which allows teams to sign one more player from an Asian country in addition to the existing foreign players, has further narrowed the field for domestic players.

Indonesian Megawati Putiwi (registered name Mega), who wore a 현금홀덤사이트 Jeonggwanjang jersey through the Asian quota system, is fourth in scoring.

“I wish domestic players could score a little more,” Kang So-hwi said after the team’s 3-1 home win over IBK at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on Sept. 29. He finished with 17 points, the second-most on the team.

Kang So-hwi, who is in his ninth season in the V-League, also felt the changes brought about by the introduction of the Asian quota system. “Obviously, we’re facing two foreign players, so there are a lot of holes in our defense and it’s harder to catch blocks,” he said. “I hope the domestic players will think of the foreign players as rivals and train more.”

Kang So-hwi has teamed up with foreign player Gisele Silva to lead GS Caltex‘s offense this season. His goal is to score more goals.

“Our attacking percentage (24.81%) isn’t that high, so we’re in the top 10, but I want to score more goals,” he said, adding, “I’ll try a little harder and move up.”

Despite his offensive prowess, Kang’s true value comes from his offensive and defensive balance. Kang is eighth in the league in digs (3.85 per set) and ninth in receptions (37.50 percent receiving efficiency) this season, and she’s been steady on defense as well. Another goal for Kang, who will soon enter the third round, is to catch women’s leader Heungkuk Life (28 points, 10-1).

GS Caltex, in third place with 22 points (8-4), suffered 0-3 shutout losses in the first and second rounds against Heungkuk Life. “It’s upsetting that we haven’t beaten Heungkuk Life before,” said Kang So-hwi. “We will prepare perfectly for the match against Heungkuk Life so that we don’t fall apart this time.”

It’s a season that is sure to motivate Kang So-hwi as he looks to soar to greater heights with his team. Having played for GS Caltex since his professional debut, he will be eligible for free agency for the second time after this season. “I think staying in one place can lead to complacency,” Kang So-hwi said. As a second free agent, I will think about various things,” he said cautiously.

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