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Film “Past Lives” is about two childhood friends reuniting after 24 years. Courtesy of CJ ENM

“We’ve all been a 12-year-old and I believe there are people who still remember, cherish and love that 12-year-old us … And to them, that 12-year-old is still alive,” said Celine Song, director of the Oscar-nominated film “Past Lives.”Speaking to The Korea Times at a café in Jongno District, Seoul, Thursday, Song delved into the film’s exploration of lingering memories and the imprints we leave on life.

And that universal experience of longing and melancholy from the past resonated deeply with the international audience, leading to the film garnering 75 accolades worldwide and over 200 nominations, including Best Picture and Original Screenplay at this year’s Academy Awards.The Korean-Canadian director’s debut film, slated to hit local theaters on March 6, revolves around the Korean philosophy of “inyeon,” which touches on fate, destiny and the connections between people. It follows the story of two childhood friends Nora (Greta Lee) and Hae-sung (Yoo Teo), who grew apart after Nora left Korea and moved to the United States.

Years later, the two reconnect through social media. Despite living in different countries and moving on with their separate lives, their paths converge when Hae-sung travels to New York to meet Nora, who is now married, after 24 years. Their reunion sparks a fateful week of introspection, delving into themes of destiny, love, and the life choices that have shaped their relationship.“This movie is about parts of our lives we’ve left behind along the way, so I chose the title with a broader meaning. ‘Past Lives’ not only speaks to the relationships depicted in the film, but also encompasses the various phases and experiences we undergo within our own lives. I believe that wherever we go, whatever time we’re in, and especially in connection with others, we leave a part of ourselves behind,” Song said. Song’s inspiration for “Past Lives” stems from her personal experience, particularly from interpreting a conversation between a childhood friend from Korea and her American husband. That experience resonated deeply with her, serving as a bridge between her 카지노사이트킹 past and present selves.

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